About KanFocus

About KanFocus

KanFocus is the best and most affordable source for every action in the Kansas Legislature, as well as an enormous amount of data about Legislators themselves, some of which you can’t find any place else on the Web. KanFocus is updated throughout the day every day, so you are always assured of timely and accurate information. Formerly known as VoteTracker, KanFocus has been the trusted source for complete legislative information in Kansas since 2003.

Our subscribers include a growing number of state agencies – such as the State Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, SRS, Department on Aging and more – as well as major lobbying firms, corporations, associations, universities and every Member of the Legislature.

At the regular rate of just $1,100 per year, KanFocus is affordable on almost any budget. Consider the cost of just a few of the publications you would have to buy in 2018 if you don't have KanFocus:

KSA Volumes $555.00
KSA Supplements $121.50
KAR Volumes $232.50
KAR Supplements $41.25
Session Laws $41.75
Senate and House Journals $213.50
Bill Packet $205.00
Kansas Reports (2 volumes) $130.00
Kansas Court of Appeals 2d (2 volumes) $130.00
Total $1,670.50
And that doesn't include our years-long archive of information. You would easily spend thousands of dollars and still not have all the information you can get on KanFocus, and certainly not in the user-friendly format you will find here.

Even better is the fact that you don't have to pay $1,100. Ask about our special introductory and early-renewal rates that can save you hundreds of dollars off the regular rate.

Here is just some of what our subscribers can do with KanFocus:

  • Stay on top of every bill introduced with BillTracker
    • Track an unlimited number of bills
    • Sort your bills by bill number or date of last action
    • At a glance, see the current status of your bills
    • You decide whether to display the last action or the last 3 actions in your bill list
    • Keep private notes on your bills
    • With a click, see the complete bill history, bill text and bill briefs on any of your bills
  • Access a complete set of Kansas Statutes
    • Statutes are integrated into VoteTracker so you can link directly to them from bill summaries
    • Unlike statutes on INK, our statutes include helpful navigation tools, such as links to related statutes
    • Statutes are completely searchable in ways not available on any other site
    • Other legal materials will be coming soon, including case law, Attorney General opinions and KARs
  • Find and display information on all votes since 1999
    • Find and sort votes using criteria such as bill number, sponsor, subject, date, result, or margin
    • See complete vote tallies, with the vote of each Senator or Representative
    • Arrange vote tallies by name, party or gender
    • See every Legislator’s explanation of vote
    • View complete bill text and bill histories
    • See every bill brief and summary of legislation on every bill
  • Easily obtain and compare voting records
    • See the complete voting record of any Legislator
    • Compare voting records of any two Legislators
  • See up-to-the-minute coverage of floor action with our Currently on the Floor page
    • See what bill is being discussed, what has already been dealt with today and what is yet to come
    • See photos and information on the Member presiding, as well as the Members speaking
    • Link to more information on bills and Members
    • We’re in the chamber updating, so information is presented in real time
  • Quickly find information on Legislators and their districts
    • See detailed profiles of every Legislator
    • See election data for every district
    • Find and sort Legislators using dozens of criteria, including election data
  • See rankings of all Legislators by:
    • Frequency of voting with the majority of Democrats
    • Frequency of voting with the majority of Republicans
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