Focus on Law
KanFocus is adding more legal products to our top-rated legislative features.

With statutes, KARs, Kansas case law, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, Attorney General opinions and Ethics Commission opinions, KanFocus is the comprehensive resource for Kansas law.

Here are just a few of the features that you will quickly find indispensable:

Kansas Statutes

See the full text of every Kansas statute. We even give you access to earlier versions of the same statutes.

We'll alert you to pending legislation that would amend the statute you're viewing, and to already-passed legislation that has not yet been incorporated into the statutes.

Use our hyperlinks to go directly to statutes referenced in the statute you're viewing, or use the table of related statutes to go to any statute in the same chapter and article.

Kansas Administrative Rules & Regulations

Search for and view the current text of all rules and regs. Stop looking through multiple volumes, registers and indexes to find what you're looking for. Just perform one search and have confidence you're seeing the most current version.

Use the table of related regs to go to any reg in the same chapter.

Kansas Case Law

Instead of filling your office with expensive lawbooks or paying thousands of dollars a year for an expensive online service, just use KanFocus to find Kansas case law.

We have both Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions. Search by citation, case name or text.

Get the full pdf of the actual opinion, along with our own citation service to help you find related cases.

Attorney General Opinions

Search for all Attorney General opinions since 1991. Search by text, opinion number, date, year, recipient or Attorney General.

See a list of the opinions that fit your search criteria, complete with the recipient's name and subject matter. Then link to the full text of the opinion.

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