Focus on Legislation
KanFocus has been the leader in legislative tracking since 2003. We're your best resource for timely and accurate information on the entire legislative process.

Here are just a few of the many features you'll use every day:

Bill Tracking

We track thousands of bills for hundreds of customers, giving our users the most current and reliable information on the legislation they are following. We keep the status updated for you and even alert you to related bills you might need to see.

Create groups to organize your bills and keep notes for reports or for your private viewing.

Use KanFocus to prepare detailed reports on your bills for printing or e-mail in just seconds.

Information on Legislators

Nobody has more information on every Legislator than KanFocus. Find any Legislator from the past 10 years using our extensive search criteria.

You'll find vital stats on each Legislator, plus contact information, committee assignments, election results, voter registration and party affiliation for the district, a district map, a color photo and much more.

Currently on the Floor

This very popular feature allows you to keep up to the minute with every action on the floor of both the Senate and House. We'll let you know what is going on right now, what the chamber has already done today, and what is still to come. We'll even show you who is presiding and who is speaking.

Link directly to more information on legislation under consideration or Legislators speaking.

Lobbyist Directory

We have the most accessible lobbyist directory available. Why hunt through a pdf directory when you can search our database?

Search by name, location, firm name or clients.

See a profile with contact information, client list, photo and more.

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